D&D Groups

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D&D Therapy Groups

Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D, is one of my favorite activities.  Chris Perkins, developer and writer for Wizards of the Coast believes “the more D&D players in the world the happier the world will be.”  I agree with this sentiment.  I have found that D&D is not only a blast to play, there can be therapeutic benefits to playing.  At Southeast Psych I currently run groups using D&D therapeutically.  

For more information or for scheduling please contact Southeast Psych Ballantyne's office at: 704.970.4791


Current Groups: 

Self-Rescuing Princess girls only 3 groups for ages 11-15, 15-19, and 20+        For 4-6 players, meets weekly for 8-10 weeks

The Self-Rescuing Princess group is a girls empowerment group.  Too often girls do not feel strong and empowered in their life.  In this group girls are given the opportunity to play a strong, self-assured character.  Playing their character gives them the chance to practice assertiveness skills. Practicing such skills can help them start to see themselves as being strong and self-assured.  No previous experience needed. 

“I realized in the situation my character would not have said yes to this, so I decided to do what she would do, and I said no.”


Future Groups

Social Skills ages 9-14 girls and boys                                                                         For 4-6 players, meets weekly for 8 weeks

In our social skills group D&D is used to help children struggling socially to learn how to work as part of a team, engage in creative problem solving and to help them develop theory of mind (the ability to see the world from someone else’s perspective). No gaming experience is needed.  The game is designed to walk new players through the basics of D&D game play. 

“ohhh so this isn’t about doing what I want, it’s about doing what my character wants.”

Veterans Group, former active duty only                                                               For 4-6 players

Hanging up your identity as a soldier can be difficult.  Often battles leave scars that cannot be easily seen by others.  The veteran’s D&D group would be a game for former active duty personnel only.  This game will focus on building identities outside of being an adventurer while still getting to pay homage to the skills and abilities that one spent years honing.  

Social Skills ages 15-19 girls and boys                                                                     For 4-6 players, meets weekly for 8 weeks

A social skills group designed for older players.  

 Low Sensory Open Table Game Night                                                                   2 tables of 3-6 players each

A specific game night for people that get overwhelmed by too much sensory stimuli.  The gaming night would be non-therapeutic and a time to play only.  This would be an ongoing open game night specifically for those who do better in a quiet environment.  

Dungeon Master Class

A weekly class focused on teaching the basics of being a DM or GM.  The class would meet for 4-6 weeks and cover topics including getting a group together, tips for running combat, world building and creating NPCs.