I do a lot of stuff!  From DM-ing several different D&D games, writing articles and filming YouTube videos among them.  Here, I will keep a list of my recent projects.

Geeks Like Us

I am the co-founder of Geeks Like Us, a geek community focused on helping unite geeks and geekologists to build a better world.  We are doing lots of different projects, join us on our webpage, our YouTube channel or for some of our Twitch streams! 

My Current Projects are:

Clinical Roll; a live-streamed D&D game on Twitch where all the players are therapeutic Game Masters. Games most Mondays at 9pm Eastern

Psychology at the Table; A weekly YouTube series where we discuss how you can help your friends at the gaming table who might be having challenges. Topics have included, depression, anxiety, learning problems, concussion. I also do interviews with people in the community about psychological topics. New episodes are uploaded Thursday at 1pm Eastern.


Psych Bytes

Some of the articles I have contributed to Psych Bytes

Being a Responsible Adult Gamer

Doing the Work You Love