Finding the right therapist, whom is available in a convenient location to you can be an incredibly difficult task. In an effort to help help as many people as possible I am happy to offer teletherapy to those living in North Carolina, Virginia and Washington state.


How Teletherapy Therapy Works

Teletherapy, is just like face to face therapy except we talk through a HIPAA compliant video program. Most insurances do allow for teletherapy though check with your insurance provider first. Every session we will ‘meet’ in our virtual office for our session which will run just as it would were you coming into the office.


Who is Web Based Therapy Good For

Web based therapy works best with clients who are comfortable with the use of technology, are able to have a quiet private place to have the call. It can be an ideal form of therapy for those living too far to commute for regular office appointments, or who are often away for work or school.


The Program Used

For my sessions I currently use a program called Vsee. It is HIPAA compliant, easy to use and free. I encourage all my clients to look over the software to see if it is something they would feel comfortable using before starting web based therapy. Please note we will not use facetime, skype, discord or other such video chatting programs as they are not compliant with HIPAA.