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Change is something we can do, it's difficult and often painful, yet achievable


I wouldn’t be in this field if I did not believe that people could change.  The style of therapy I do is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or ACT (said as the word ACT rather than the individual letters).  For more specific information on ACT, to include evidence base please click here.  I presently work with individuals ages 13 and up.  

My ultimate goal with all of my clients is to get you to a point where individual therapy is no longer needed.  I want therapy to be something short-term in your life. The work will not be easy, meaningful change rarely is.   

In ACT we will focus on six core concepts that when all used properly will help create emotional flexibility.  What is emotional flexibility? Essentially it is having the mental tools so that you can weather any emotional storm life throws your way.    

Depending on your reason for seeking care other therapeutic interventions may also be used.  I am trained in Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Cognitive Processing Therapy for the treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.  I also use techniques from existential psychology and relational frame theory among others.  As I stated above I see my job as helping the client through the difficult process of change and I will use what tools I have at my disposal to help achieve that goal.  

You have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy
— Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire