I offer several free talks throughout the year on a wide variety of topics in the greater Charlotte area.  Below are some examples of talks I have given in the past.  If you are interested in having me come do a talk please contact Julie Caskey at 


Breaking the procrastination loop 

We all struggle with procrastination at times.  When procrastination becomes a problem we need to learn how to break free of this loop.  In this talk you will learn the basics of procrastination, why it is so difficult to do what matters, myths that contribute to the problem, and steps you can take to get out of the loop.  



More and more research is demonstrating the power of mindfulness.  In this talk we will explore what mindfulness is, the recent research on the benfits of mindfulness and how you can start to incoprate mindfulness into your life.  


Use of Tabletop gaming In therapy 

Tabletop gaming has many benefits aside from a fun way to pass the time.  Many psychologists are using tabletop games as a therapy tool.  In this talk we will discuss how some games can have added therapudic benfits and how to incorprate such games into your practice or into your family game night.